Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sailing into the Sunset

        What is sailing really like?  Well, to my wife and me, it's really wonderful as we truly love the water.  Is it a lot of work?  Sail racing is a lot of work but crusing can be very relaxing and frequently is.  Once out in the open water we set our sails, engage the Autohelm and sit back for hours enjoying the breeze and the ocean and watching where we are going.  And what about live-aboard cruising?  Living aboard is pretty much the same as living anywhere else.  I mean that we all have the pleasures, joys, fun, problems and headaches of everyday life no matter where we live.  Living on a sailing vessel is no different.  Cruising is not an extended vacation, but rather a change in vocation.  Like a house, an apartment, a motorhome or any other dwelling, there is a certain amount of work or maintenance associated with it.
       Nevertheless, my wife and I have found traveling under sail to be some of the best experiences of our lives.  Moving from port to port, town to town, country to country, we have made many new friends and have maintained many of these friendships over the years.  From these friendships, we have learned all kinds of new ways to deal with questions and problems under sail. 
       My book, Halcyon Days: From a Dream to a Reality, concentrates on the experiences of sailing and the places visited as well as the fun, pleasure, trials and tribulations of everyday life.  Halcyon Days are days of prosperity and happiness.  Halcyon is the Greek word for Kingfisher, compounded of hals (the sea)  and kuo (to brood on).    In ancient days, the Sicilians believed that the Kingfisher laid its eggs on the surface of the sea, during which period the waves were always unruffled.  From a Dream to a Reality suggests that one must follow one's own heart and take risks to make dreams come true.
       Our vessel, Phase II is a 41-foot Islander Freeport ketch and, despite its age (1979),it is very managable for two people to sail.  As a matter-of-fact it is so well rigged tha it can even be single-handed without difficulty.

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